Meet The Team

Rent From a Family Team!

William Weiss, the owner and President of Albany City Rentals and Albany City Properties, began in the real estate industry in 2003 with renting vacation properties in the Adirondacks. William proudly lives locally in the City of Albany and calls Albany, home. In July 2009, William purchased and resided in the first rental property on Myrtle Ave in Albany, and the rest is history! William works directly with new and existing clients to bring the best rental experience possible. In 2019, William retired from his full time banking career to dedicate his passion full time into the business.

John Weiss, brother of William, the owner of Weiss Construction and a former NYS licensed home inspector brings his years of expertise and talent to Albany City Rentals.  John ensures that all our properties exceed building code standards and exceed the company’s apartment standards.  John is the construction manager behind all of our renovations.

Linda R, mother of William and John, also contributes to Albany City Rentals. Linda, along with other family members support the business and contribute to Albany’s Neighborhood Revitalization.  Linda works to ensure all units are ready for new clients and works on interior designs.

Our major project to date was the purchase of 448 Bradford Street in 2018, and our family team rehabbed the entire structure.  This was once a vacant, Red X and dangerous deteriorating building that required $130,000 in personal capital to rehab. The finished product helped to revitalize the entire neighborhood, and we are so proud to have one less vacant building in Albany. The pride on the Providence Street renovation in 2012, is one of our other accomplishments. Purchased in 2012, as a home that needed major repair, William saw the potential in this property, and he devoted his expertise to renovate the building and provide another amazing student rental for Albany’s college students.  In 2017, the Weiss brothers rehabbed 476 Morris Street and the Albany Times Union wrote an article on the accomplishments. Read the Article Here

William is a recent graduate from The College of Saint Rose, and he rented student housing while attending Saint Rose from 2004-2006. William realized that students and families could benefit better by having quality student rentals for the rents being charged in the Albany area. Our rental prices are lower than other properties in the area for all the amenities that we include.

William has been determined in purchasing rental properties, vacant lots, homes, and investing thousands of dollars in renovations in each project, and helping to revitalize each neighborhood where the properties are located. This brings a better quality of life for all tenants and residents who live in these neighborhoods.